Picture of the project Liminal Decades by Alma Hjort af Ornäs

Liminal Decades

Project by Alma Hjort af Ornäs

How can the mix of traditional visual mediums and technology design be combined to provoke critical speculation of future scenarios – using gallery spaces as the common domain?

This project of design fiction aims to combine AR and classical painting to showcase in an interactive way what the local climate future might look like. Using their own mobile devices, users can scan the paintings and interact with them as they come alive through their phones. The student has aimed to be optimistic yet realistic about the future and what local life might look like as a result of climate change. The project continues in the Rasmus Meyer’s collection at Kode. Alma has been awarded the Meltzer Research Grant of 2022.

Who is Alma?

Alma is a transdisciplinary designer with an international and cross-cultural background. She has an ambitious drive and has cooperated with different organisations working with social and environmental impacts of local and global development schemes. She has a passion for storytelling, people, current events, the arts, and likes to bridge these whenever possible. While being professional with clients, she likes to approach her own projects with playfulness and humour.

Portrait picture of Alma Hjort af Ornäs