Picture of the project Cabinet of Coastal Curiosities by Anna Schmideder

Cabinet of Coastal Curiosities

Project by Anna Schmideder

How can handcrafted objects related to Vestland’s fishing history challenge our view of consumption, trade, and production of what we surround ourselves with?

My Cabinet of Coastal Curiosities will include a collection of objects, that incorporate old wood crafting techniques (associated with the fishing culture) into new furniture. With these, I hope to create an opportunity to discuss materials, tacit knowledge, and making. As in the fishing industry, crafts are becoming more industrialized; some fish species are threatened, and so are crafts. Our consumption, values, and culture are changing, moving from individual forms to standardized norms. I want to encourage to change course, to which the exhibition space in a shipping container contributes with an atmosphere of collecting, creating, and observing.

Who is Anna?

Anna is interested in combining practical research and discursive conceptual thinking. Experimenting in the woodshop and connecting with the material provides her with opportunities for creativity. This leads to a tacit knowledge that forms a strong bond between her head, her hands, and her heart, ready to be freely shared and discussed with her projects. As the title of her background as a joiner describes, joining plays a large role in her work, both literally, when material comes together to form something new, and between people, opinions, and cultures.

Portrait picture of Anna Schmideder