Picture of the project More Than One, Less Than Two by Ayla Gürsoy

More Than One, Less Than Two

Project by Ayla Gürsoy

How can cross-culture be expressed through form, materiality and composition in furniture design?

At a time when the population is more complex than ever, and where the world is more interconnected, cultural understanding becomes increasingly more important. It is important to be able to tell a connected story about ourselves and be able to see connections between different parts of our life in a way that makes them understandable, manageable, and meaningful. This can be challenging if you are cross-cultural, as their life story often is interrupted. In this project, I´m using my own upbringing and personal memories as guidance, with a focus on materiality, traditional craftsmanship, and furniture construction. I want to promote the positive aspects of being cross-cultural and challenge the norms we have today, about only being connected to one society and one culture.

Who is Ayla?

Ayla is a furniture and spatial designer that focuses on the meeting between form, materials and humans. She is driven by her curiosity about humans, objects and attention to details. She is a hands-on designer, using physical prototyping as a main tool in her design process. Her motivation as a designer is to create durable products that can stay relevant through several generations.

Portrait picture of Ayla Gürsoy