Picture of the project Hjemme hele livet by Eline Beier

Hjemme hele livet

Project by Eline Beier

How can methods from interior architecture provide a good home for seniors?

By creating a home from the inside out, this project looks at how an inclusive home for the elderly could give the opportunity for an improved everyday life. This home attributes activity, independence, and social interaction. The use of tactility, colors, light, and sound creates an environment that helps with orientation and stimulates our human senses—creating an inviting space to live in. The project is relevant to today's society facing an increasing percentage of elderly in the population.

Who is Eline?

Eline is an empathic interior architect and furniture designer. Her design is very much driven by the focus on user perspective and environmental psychology. Her goal as a designer is to create health-improving spaces both for humans and the environment. This is something that has been seen in her previous works as well as in her master's project. In her MA project, she presents us with the possibilities of an inclusive home for the elderly where the human senses take a big part in the design solutions. Eline looks forward to exploring more on the topic within her professional career.

Portrait picture of Eline Beier