Picture of the project Beyond the Canvas by Jiaxin Liu

Beyond the Canvas

Project by Jiaxin Liu

How can emerging technology such as AR and VR be used to create immersive experiences that enhance participants’ engagement in the historical art sector?

This research project explored AR and VR in creating immersive experiences for Dutch painter Rembrandt, grounded in a methodology of artistic practice, user-centered design, and interaction design. The project hopes to invite participants to experience historical arts from a new dimension, enhance participants' engagement, and make historical arts accessible to a broader society. Design plays a crucial role in the connection of the past, present, and future. This project is hoped to lead to a deeper exploration of digital experiences in the art and cultural heritage sector, turning digitalization into a way of engaging rather than distracting.

Who is Jiaxin?

Jiaxin is an XR storyteller and creative designer from China. She is passionate about museum experiences, historical arts, and cultural heritage. Jiaxin has been researching human-centered experience in immersive eXtended Reality technologies (AR, MR, and VR) since 2020. 'Unlocking the Past' in different ways using emerging technologies has been a big part of her creative practices. She is interested in the design processes of XR experiences. She is currently drawing on AR and VR, with interactive digital storytelling at the center, to inspire her design.

Portrait picture of Jiaxin Liu