Picture of the project Strange Phenomenon, Weird Sensation by Juan Qin

Strange Pheno­menon, Weird Sensation

Project by Juan Qin

Can new global phenomena on the internet, such as ASMR, create inspirational directions for visual communication design to learn from? And how can ASMR media inspire a multi-sensory approach to visual communication design?

In the year of something something, experiencing ASMR media has become a new normal and part of our daily lives. Just like you can get chocolate from the candy store, people extend the ASMR experience to a new level, both virtually and in a physical setup. You might hear people telling you that if you feel stressed and in a bad mood, a piece of chocolate will help. And today, there is an alternative solution for you, the ASMR treatment! In cooperation with the concept, there are a few test labs that are going to operate in the city. The first test lab, a multi-sensory soothing bar is going to launch this summer. The location is on the second floor in room 204, Møllendalsveien 61. How does it work? To experience this, you need to register on the website, and once confirmed, you will receive an email invitation. Then you will need to arrive on time. Each therapy is about 10 to 20 minutes, and of course, you can determine if you start feeling uncomfortable. At the end of the session, our therapist will invite you for feedback on your experience and maybe schedule a new session. Hope to see you soon!

Who is Juan?

Juan Qin is a visual communication designer and multimedia artist. With a particular interest in exploring the intersections, connections, and cross-disciplinary relations among visual communication design, graphic design, creative coding, programming, interactive design, social media, and individuals’ subtle emotional expression. Her works consistently focus on social phenomena and internet culture. She is especially interested in digitalization and the effects it has on us.

Portrait picture of Juan Qin