Picture of the project TRANSITION by Kaho Suzuki


Project by Kaho Suzuki

What is the value of wordless storytelling?

TRANSITION is a silent book with a story set in a uniform society. This project investigates ways of storytelling without words and the social value of illustrations through an analysis of silent books. Silent books are picture books that have no words, and the story is narrated only with illustrations. They should apply to many different readers because of the absence of words. However, in reality, they are often hidden on the shelves as “children’s books.” Are they just ordinary picture books with words removed? Are illustrations secondary to texts in storytelling? This project aims to address these questions and discover “a story worth telling with illustrations.”

Who is Kaho?

Kaho is a Japanese illustrator and graphic designer. Her background is fine art/ contemporary art, and she has been studying painting and drawing for many years. She is passionate about communicating with people and society through visual images. In recent years, Kaho has been focusing on illustrations and applying her works to various media such as books, web magazines, animations, and patterns for fabric.

Portrait picture of Kaho Suzuki