Picture of the project Belonging by Kaisa Vidhammer


Project by Kaisa Vidhammer

How can I, through visual communication, shed light on the emotions that lie in the topic of otherness?

Belonging aims to create attention around the feelings we have concerning not fitting in. Many of us carry these heavier emotions, and the reasons for this is varied and many. It can be not being smart enough, or for being too smart. It can be not fitting the beauty standard, having a communication style that is too upfront, or being a foreigner. It can be being too much (or too little) for others or a certain type of group. The designer captures these feelings in the use of material, character design, puppetry, and stop-motion animation, where the viewers are encouraged to sit with these feelings and reflect.

Who is Kaisa?

Kaisa is a Norwegian designer, illustrator, and storyteller. With a passion for experimentation, she expresses herself through varied materials and mediums. She finds delight in combining new techniques and values openness and trust when it comes to the design process. The way we humans are and behave towards each other has always been a fascination of hers—which is why her designs are directed towards humanitarianism.

Portrait picture of Kaisa Vidhammer