Picture of the project ENDRING by Kristine Hagen


Project by Kristine Hagen

When was the last time you noticed a change in your environment?

With this project, I want to increase awareness of our daily surroundings and impressions to further see how interior architectural environments can affect our social behavior and human relationships. We live in a society with built environments and neighbors on all sides, but still, the feeling of loneliness and lack of belonging are alarmingly high. The project addresses how changes in external stimuli can increase social behavior in the context of co-living and the reuse of a protected building. Endring is designed to produce and encourage dialogue within interdisciplinary work and socially sustainable design.

Who is Kristine?

Kristine is a curious interior architect with a strong interest in the human perspective in design and how the environment affects us. She finds the intersection between interior architecture and psychology exciting; a topic she has looked closer at during her thesis and looks forward to exploring further in the field. She appreciates colorful environments, real craftsmanship and functional solutions. Her core values as an interior architect are human-centered design with a social sustainable perspective and architectural accessibility.

Portrait picture of Kristine Hagen