Picture of the project Emosjonell utforming by Kristine Røed

Emosjonell utforming

Project by Kristine Røed

How can I as a designer facilitate a more viable relationship between humans and objects in the built environment?

Our world is drowning in material waste, all due to a failed relationship. On average an object turns to waste only six months after purchase. The objects we possess exist to meet our needs, respond to our emotions, symbolize our position in society, remind us of our experiences, state our values, and communicate to our surroundings about who we are. Facilitated right, the relationship between human and object can grow and strengthen, creating more viable objects and reduce waste. In my thesis I will rely on psychology, cultural history and design theory. But the emphasis lies in practical knowledge working with materials and techniques, daring to lean on intuition in the development of an ensemble of objects.

Who is Kristine?

Kristine is a furniture designer, interior architect, and color specialist. The human aspect is what interests her about design, and especially the interactions we humans have with our surroundings. Kristine’s designs focus on tactile and sensuous experiences, aiming to make more viable objects that create joy. As a designer, and a human, she is concerned that our surroundings lack stimuli and wants to advocate for a diversity in colors, materials and shapes to create a more enriching environment for us to thrive in.

Portrait picture of Kristine Røed