Picture of the project Fade and Bloom by Rae Zheng

Fade and Bloom

Project by Rae Zheng

How can design re-evaluate transcultural phenomena through the culinary experience of cultivating flavors?

This project is a culinary experience using Nordic textile as a medium to carry out the microbes for fermentation, specifically to produce different umami (delicious taste). This gastronomic approach is for the purpose of developing and enhancing the relationship between traditional flavors and cultures, and also to reshape the perception of how we produce and consume.

Who is Rae?

Rae is a designer who has been actively working in interdisciplinary fields. In the past two years, she worked specifically close with food. Through her research and design, she’s looking forward to not only manifest, elevate, and redefine the relationship between food and transcultural phenomena, but also reconstruct the sustainable perspective of interaction with food on both tangible and intangible levels.

Portrait picture of Rae Zheng