Picture of the project TRACTION/DISTRACTION by Sara Westergaard Karlsen


Project by Sara Westergaard Karlsen

How can I facilitate awareness about attention through designed interactive experiences?

TRACTION/DISTRACTION: Why Take Care of Your Attention explores the topic of attention—what draws our attention, and what distracts us from our goals? How does our attention work and what choices do we make? This exhibition uses interaction and motion graphics as tools to convey how attention works and to explore what multitasking does to our focus and ability to perform tasks. The context of the topic is our well-being on a personal level and the role of focus and satisfaction in achieving our goals in a world that is designed for distraction.

Who is Sara?

Sara works within the fields of experience design, motion graphics, and interactivity, and explores how these mediums can be combined to convey topics of importance.

Portrait picture of Sara Westergaard Karlsen