Picture of the project Reflections on Light by Taran Neckelmann

Reflections on Light

Project by Taran Neckelmann

What features of daylight should we harness when working with artificial light?

Light is our oldest teller of time and a reference that sets the rhythm of our daily lives. In nordic countries, dynamic daylight is a rare commodity in the winter months. But the artificial light we compensate with is static. The natural light of the sun is often used as a reference when discussing what is seen as good light. The project examines the different physical and phenomenological parameters that comprise daylight and its effects on us, both physiologically and psychologically. Reflections on Light is a project that pinpoints movement as a largely overlooked parameter and suggests different ways we can incorporate it into our artificial lighting fixtures.

Who is Taran?

Taran is a furniture and product designer from Bergen, and has a passion for objects that are rooted in durability and coherence, yet still appeal to our fickle human nature. She has a background as a lighting designer, and has returned to this material several times during the course of her 5 year study at KMD. Through an intuitive and experimental process, Taran aims to create things that in turn create - interactions, memories, bonds and experiences. This way she hopes that the objects she shapes stay relevant and accompany their users though life.

Portrait picture of Taran Neckelmann