Picture of the project Get It If You Can by Alisa Rysaeva

Get It If You Can

Project by Alisa Rysaeva

How can I demonstrate behavior manipulation online using VR as a medium?

Conceptually, Get It If You Can visualizes manipulation tricks used online. The traps in the game are explicitly based on the Dark Patterns principles and presented as interactive items, space elements, obstacles, traps, and puzzles. The project allows participants to experience the typical online manipulations (that we all encounter online daily) in a different context and, therefore, look at them from a different perspective. In addition, the project aims to spread awareness of these manipulation tactics. In the VR experience, the player is a space traveler whose task is to search the station and find the "Dust" that can create life on any planet before running out of oxygen. The station tries to trick the traveler into spending oxygen one way or another.

Who is Alisa?

Alisa is a designer, illustrator, storyteller, and experience creator with a strong interest in immersive technologies. She values them as a powerful tool that, combined with a good narrative, has the potential to excite, engage and inspire the audience about the information or knowledge.
However, we should not forget that any technology is a tool. Its impact on society will be decided not by the technology itself but by the goals we choose to use it for.

Alisa can create experiences and interactive narratives for virtual reality from a very abstract idea through concept development, ideation, prototyping, and user testing to the final finished product. In addition, she can assemble a team of professionals to make an idea become a reality.

Portrait picture of Alisa Rysaeva