Picture of the project Tegne for demontering by Heidi T. Bekkevold

Tegne for de­mon­tering

Project by Heidi T. Bekkevold

What does spatial well-being mean to you?

The project is about drawing for dismantling, focusing on how furniture can increase spatial well-being. The design process has consisted of developing from a people-centered perspective and beyond. The process has resulted in a piece of furniture; a room divider on wheels. The furniture consists of various organic shapes put together into a multipurpose piece of furniture, where the space it inhabits informs the various ways that it may be used. The goal is to add well-being to the furniture's spatial location, and contribute to a mindset where we can plan for the materials life circle and at the end of use.

Who is Heidi?

Heidi is an interior architect and is currently working on her final master's thesis here at KMD. She has chosen to have the main focus on furniture in her master's, rather than a more pure spatial project. She has previously taken a bachelor's degree in interior architecture at Høyskolen Kristiania. Her focus on the master's project has been to look at the working method behind furniture design, where she has had a desire to look more closely at the physical process within her own field. It has been challenging, and educational, and it is inspiring to have a more "hands-on" approach to the subject. Nevertheless, the work as an interior architect is closest to her, and she looks forward to an everyday life where this can be combined.

Portrait picture of Heidi T. Bekkevold