Picture of the project “Sustainable” Clothing by Kim André Fladen

“Sustain­able” Clothing

Project by Kim André Fladen

How do we make the clothing systems of today fair?

Clothing is used for covering up, and the field of design is often being used for that same purpose. Still, they can both be used with other intentions, like revealing truth. Today clothing consumers know far too little about the degree to which we are participating in an unfair system. Many leading clothing providers in Norway are now branding their clothes as recycled and responsible. But clothing researchers seem very skeptical. By bringing professionals and laymen together for discussions and workshops, Klesklubben is an effort to reveal what debates are going on under the surface.

Who is Kim André?

Kim André is concerned with finding meaningful objectives for design. Even though he grew up building websites with his dad and spent much time on the web, he also became critical of how digital technology was shaping the 2010s. Alongside this growing skepticism, he was also engaged in several smaller clothing projects. Some years later he felt forced to grapple with how these contributed to the truckloads of useful clothing ending up in landfills. The master project integrates his tech and clothing interests. From here he wants to continue being part of teams shaping services and conversations related to sustainability, tech, and democracy.

Portrait picture of Kim André Fladen