Picture of the project I Lag by Miriam Nilsen

I Lag

Project by Miriam Nilsen

How can the transformation of existing housing create a socially sustainable living environment?

In my project, I work with a living environment in Bergen that experiences relocation of residents and a weakened sense of community. I want to explore how spatial design can affect social interaction and strengthen the community in the living environment. The goal is to create a socially sustainable concept that will strengthen relations and increase the community and well-being.

Who is Miriam?

Miriam is an interior architect and designer from Bergen. Her motivation is to explore how the surroundings have an impact on humans. Her work focuses on functional and sustainable design. She has a passion for how interior architecture can contribute to including different groups in society. Her goals as an interior architect are to create pleasant spaces to inhabit for a more inclusive society.

Portrait picture of Miriam Nilsen