Picture of the project The 3rd by Tooti Blom Nyan

The 3rd

Project by Tooti Blom Nyan

Why is culture an important consideration for designers?

Based on cultural globalization, new cultures develop, and the need for individuality and diverse representation is essential. In this project, urban subculture, West-African design, and Nordic design are fused together to mirror the cultural attachment that the designer has to her environment in everyday life. She follows the traditions of communicating a story about heritage and environment through weaving textiles, and creates a project that acknowledges a need to reflect the diverse society we live in, and to challenge and inspire young creators to share their own uniqueness with pride. The designer emphasizes the growth of a decolonizing design mindset and exploring design from different cultures and continents, with a goal of expanding her own sources of knowledge, validation, and inspiration as well as encouraging her audience to do the same.

Who is Tooti?

Tooti is a designer with textile design as her main interest. She has a background in interior architecture and likes working with conceptual installations and scenography. In textile design, Tooti loves to see the connection between the craft and the creator’s identity, and she finds value in how traditions and heritage are communicated through symbols and storytelling. Tooti is interested in philosophical reflections on society-related issues. During her research, she reflects on how she can awaken new experiences to the users, and how her products can challenge a certain way of looking at things.

Portrait picture of Tooti Blom Nyan