Picture of the project Undre by Trude Nini Hoem


Project by Trude Nini Hoem

How can student health excel through spatial experiences?

To succeed as a student, it is important to feel good about yourself, both physically and mentally. In recent years, there has been a general increase in mental illness among students in Norway. Undre is a master project exploring student health in relation to experience-based architecture, directly influenced by the weather. The goal is to motivate students to seek and engage in spatial experiences in natural surroundings. In addition, the project has a conceptual approach, where the principles presented have applicability to similar projects. Undre is located in the fine line of design, interior architecture, architecture, and art.

Who is Trude?

Trude is a curious interior architect who is passionate about empathic design. Her projects focus on the emotional and physical impacts provided by spatial design. She finds it interesting to explore how the interplay between surfaces, colors, daylight and materials in space affect our senses and behavior. She always strives to create functional, inspirational and memorable impression—from the inside and out. Most recently in her research she has been working on spaces connecting humans and nature together.

Portrait picture of Trude Nini Hoem