Picture of the project Cartographies in Conversation by Valeria Antezana Acosta

Carto­graphies in Conver­sation

Project by Valeria Antezana Acosta

How can I, through visual communication, address the deforestation issue in the Bolivian Amazonia in collaboration with local indigenous communities?

Cartographies in Conversation is a discursive design project at the intersection of anthropology and visual communication design. The project is presented as a set of visual artifacts that inform and comment on the Amazonia deforestation issue in which the main designed object is a woven piece presented as an archival artifact. QR codes give access to audio recordings of conversations with local indigenous people from a community in the Bolivian Amazonia about their cultural heritage, relationships to land, and the unprecedented wildfires in the last few years. These highlight the result of the growth of the agricultural frontier, to discuss and reflect on the connections between colonialism and deforestation in the Amazonia.

Who is Valeria?

Valeria is a visual design communicator and illustrator from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Her background as a designer is within the social, cultural, and artistic fields with projects based in Bolivia and other countries in South America. In the last few years, she has been interested in the relations between culture, practice, and materiality, and how these connect to meaning-making.

Portrait picture of Valeria Antezana Acosta