Picture of the project Sisyphus by Xiaoou Ji


Project by Xiaoou Ji

How can design increase the social acceptance of mood disorder groups?

Sisyphus is a research project that aims to increase the social acceptance of mood disorders groups through interdisciplinary and visual communication design practices. This project starts from the Proust effect, smell, memory, emotion, past - future to death, to explore design methods and design tools that serve the context in the entire process. This project emphasizes the social responsibility of design, which must be acknowledged when creating future interaction design and systems, in social and introspective ways.

Who is Xiaoou?

Xiaoou (Olivia) is an interdisciplinary designer and art and architecture history researcher. Sisyphus is the combination of her 2years of artistic research, by using the interactive method and technology. She likes to use an emotional effect to connect the audience and project. "I dunno who i can be, but I know who I wanna be."

Portrait picture of Xiaoou Ji